Vattikuti India Foundation

Vattikuti India Foundation is established as a “Non-Profit” organisation under section 8 of Companies Act 2013, with the aim of Poverty Alleviation in rural India.

Meet the founders of Vattikuti India foundation

My wife, Padma, and I have always had a passion for giving back to  the society and  we are inspired to make an impact with our foundation.”
-Raj Vattikuti


Co Founder

Brief about Founders

Currently Chairman of Vattikuti Ventures, Raj Vattikuti is investing in global technology companies. With these companies he will share his knowledge and provide strategy and growth aspects to increase their success in the business world.  Most businessmen would be content with building a profitable company. Raj Vattikuti is not most men. He  is a philanthropist and serial entrepreneur who has seeded a string of successful enterprises.

Raj Vattikuti’s entrepreneurial vision is matched only by his tangible passion for helping others. His incredible dedication to both his professional and personal endeavors, and their resulting successes, is nothing short of inspiring. Vattikuti says, “My wife, Padma, and I have always had a passion for giving back”. Raj and Padma also seek to impact the future of the population of rural India, through an elaborate, wide-reaching initiative designed to alleviate poverty by increasing quality-of-life standards.

Our Work at a Glance

Creating Economic Opportunity. Improving Public Health. Inspiring Civic Engagement and Service.

Vattikuti India foundation (VIF) is dedicated to helping poverty alleviation in the rural Indian communities. The Poverty Alleviation Initiative (PAI) was launched in Sept 2009 by the foundation with focus on enlarging the scope of Community Based Organisation (CBO) led initiatives in entitlements, education, enterprises and employment (4Es), and health services besides providing support for livelihoods and financial inclusion.