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“My wife, Padma, and I have always had a passion for giving back, and we are inspired to make an impact with our foundation, as well.”
– Raj Vattikuti

Raj and Padma created the Vattikuti India Foundation (VIF) in 2010, incorporated as a “Not for Profit” organisation. VIF launched a Poverty Alleviation Initiative (PAI) focusing on working through village community centers in India to provide Employment, Education, and Health-care services with the aid of state-of-the-art technology. “Millions of people in rural India live in extreme poverty,” Vattikuti says. “This initiative is directed at aiding people in becoming self-sustainable, getting them on their feet. To me, that is the most effective form of giving.”
The PAI pilot program launched in 20 Gram Panchayats, with each Gram Panchayat consisting of five villages, to cover a population of approximately 120,000. With a goal of having all residents within each village self-sustaining in the long term, it is truly an ambitious undertaking. “The program encompasses education for children, low-interest loans for business ventures, trade training for adults, and health-care education for families,” Vattikuti says. “Our goal is to lift families out of poverty to the middle class and, ideally, to have one child from each family attend college.
Much of PAI’s success is based on the Vattikuti India Foundation’s investment in technology resources for effective data collection. For example, the program uses advanced mobile technology to collect demographic data and progressively monitor each family in the program for the purpose of analysis, evaluation, and future planning. “Technology is a necessary tool for advancing social and economic development, because it provides transparency, as well as easier and improved access to services,” Vattikuti says. “We employ a structured approach towards technology by using methods such as telemedicine, tele-education, and kiosk banking.”
Padma and Raj’s goal is to expand the program throughout the country to eventually cover more than 100 million people in rural India. By creating a “scalable model” approach to poverty, Vattikuti envisions other poverty-ridden countries in Africa and South America using the approach to impact the lives of millions around the globe. “We realize this project is long-term—it will go on for many years, probably for my lifetime,” Vattikuti says. “But we have seen the successes it can generate, and we are constantly refining the model to make it more efficient and effective. The possibilities for impact are tremendous.”
Raj Vattikuti is a serial entrepreneur who has seeded a string of successful enterprises, including Covansys, Synova, Altimetrik, a global software company focusing on enterprise applications, mobile applications, and cloud enablement, Vattikuti Ventures, Vattikuti Technologies, a company in the Health care segment specialising in Robotic Surgery and, most currently, Davinta specialises in the financial services industry providing breakthrough FinServ and FinTech solutions that are envisioned, engineered and developed to put India’s last-mile, first!
Raj Vattikuti holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the College of Engineering, Guindy (India) and a Master of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Wayne State University. Mr. Vattikuti also holds an honorary Doctorate in Business Administration from Bryant College.